Author = El-Garhi, Hosam-Eddin Mahmoud
Effect of Starter Culture Types on Textural, Rheological, and Melting Properties of Spreadable Processed Cheese Made from UF Milk Retentate

Volume 49, Issue 1, 2021, Pages 141-156

Safaa Abdel- Aleem Mohammad El-Aidie; Hoda Mahmoud Elzeini; Norizzah Abdul Rashid; Hosam-Eddin Mahmoud El-Garhi

Identification of Milk Types Using Front Face and Synchronous Scanning Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Volume 48, Issue 1, 2020, Pages 73-80

Hosam-Eddin Mahmoud Elgarhi; Safaa El-Aidie; Shaimaa Hamdy; Khaled Abbas

Morphological characteristics of fungi species isolated from dairy products in Fayoum governorate

Volume 48, Issue 1, 2020, Pages 173-179

Hosam-Eddin Mahmoud Elgarhi; Hebatullah Mohammad Abu-Elhebal; Neimat Aly Hassan Elewa; Ehab Ahmed Galal

Enhancement of The Quality and Safety of Pastrami Using Fermented Milk Permeate

Volume 47, Issue 1, 2019, Pages 39-49

Samah Abd-Eltawab; Hosam Mahmoud Elgarhi