Physico-Functional Properties, Nutritional Quality, and Sensory Characteristics of Pumpkin Peel Puree Fortified Biscuit

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Food Science, Faculty of Agriculture, (Saba Basha), Alexandria University, Alexandria 21531, Egypt.


Functional properties, nutritional quality, and sensory characteristics of wheat flour/ pumpkin peel puree (PPP) based biscuits were investigated. Wheat flour and PPP were mixed in the ratio of 100:0 (control), 90:10, 80:20, 70:30 and 60:40 (weight/weight). Developed biscuits with PPP showed reduced lightness with increased yellowness and redness than control. The increase in PPP incorporation level increased water solubility index and decreased water absorption index and oil absorption index of biscuits. Spread ratio and density of biscuits increased slightly by increasing the PPP incorporation level. The crude fibre, minerals, β-carotene, and vitamin C contents of developed biscuits increased significantly (P < 0.05) by increasing the PPP incorporation level. The formula contained 80:20 wheat flour and PPP, respectively, revealed the highest sensory scores among all tested samples. The biscuit made from this formula contained 6.14% moisture, 15.05% fat, 8.91% protein, 1.74% total ash, 1.84% crude fibre, 66.32% carbohydrate, 7.13 mg/100g β-carotene, 2.26 mg/100g Vitamin C, 2.94 mg/100g iron, and energy value of 436.37 Kcal/100g dry matter.