Production of High Nutritional Value Gluten Free Crackers with Sesame and Turmeric Powder

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1 Pastry Research, Food Technology Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, Cairo, Egypt

2 9 El-Gamma str., Giza

3 Biotechnology Department, Higher Institute for Agriculture Co-Operation, Shobra, Cairo, Egypt


The proximate composition of sesame (Sesame indicum) indicates that it has significant amounts of proteins, fat and fiber (24.1, 58 and 6.48%). Also, sesame seeds are rich in various mineral constituents. Among them, calcium and iron. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) powder is rich in both zinc and iron (3.00 and 19.00 mg/100gm, respectively). Also, it is rich in vitamins. All the parameters tested showed that the sesame seeds and turmeric crackers had significantly higher nutrient content compared to control crackers. This study has shown that substitution of corn flour with sesame seeds, up to 15% and 2% turmeric, can give crackers with enhanced nutritional value in terms of protein, fat, fibre, mineral and vitamin content. Consuming sesame and turmeric crackers could provide children with part of their daily requirements of protein, dietary fiber, carbohydrate, calcium, iron and zinc. Also, the study has shown that substitution with sesame seeds and turmeric powder could produce crackers that are even more acceptable than 100% corn flour crackers.