Manufacture of Functional Kareish Cheese fortified with Oat, Talbina, Lima Bean and Sweet Lupin

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1 Dairy, Agriculture, Damietta, Damietta, Egypt

2 New Damietta

3 El Aasar Damietta


Recently, fortification of kareish cheese with functional foods has gained momentum in response to the variable health status of developed countries, especially in Egypt. Functional foods such as oat, talbina, lima bean and sweet lupin were used in fortification of kareish cheese. Besides, determination of the chemical composition, microbiological counts, and rheological, organoleptic analysis. In this study, kareish cheese was made using reconstituted skim milk powder at a rate of 10% which was divided into 12 equal portions, one for the control and eleven were fortified with different concentrations 1%, 2% and 3% of the functional foods under study excepting for the ratio 3% of oat addition. The addition of those functional foods had an observed increasing effect on the content of cheese moisture, also a noticeable increase in fat, ash, fiber content, and slight increase in total protein. High acidity of kareish cheese remarkable by the addition. Total bacterial counts and lactic acid bacteria slightly decreased at zero time then started to increase significantly by the increase of the storage period until reached the maximum count at 21 days then the count began to decrease. Molds and yeasts increased by the increasing of storage period. The test results of Coliform and staphylococcus sp. Counts were negative. Rheological properties of kareish cheese were affected significantly by the addition of the functional foods under study. All treatments were sensually acceptable, but the most acceptable treatments were control and those fortified treatments with functional foods under study at ratio of 1%.