Preparation of Functional Ice Milk Supplemented With Lupine Flour

Document Type : Original Article


1 Food Science and Technology Department, Faculty of Home Economic, Al-Azhar University, Egypt

2 Food Science & Technology Department, Faculty of Home Economic, Al-Azhar University, Tanta, Egypt

3 Dairy, Agriculture, Damietta, Damietta, Egypt


This study was proposed to investigate the possibility of utilization of sweet lupine (lupines albus) flour for producing functional ice milk for human consumption. Lupine consider a rich source of protein, minerals, antioxidant, and anti-microbial materials. Sweet lupine flour (SLF) was incorporated with skim milk powder at levels 5%, 15% and 25% respectively to produce healthy ice milk. Effect of replacement on chemical, physical, viscosity, meltdown, rheological, microbial quality and sensory evaluation. Protein, fat, ash, TS contents as well as pH values and overrun were increased in all samples which reconstituted with SLF compared to control. The acidity was decreased by increasing SLF compared to control. Also, the viscosity of mixes increased by increasing SLF compared to control. As well as melting down value decreased by increasing SLF. Texture profile was affected by replacement with SLF, the hardness increased by increasing the amount of SLF from 2049.49gf in control to 2347.98, 2937.19 and 3100.05 gf for 5, 15 and 25% SLF, respectively. The microbiological aspect was improved specially the sample contained 25% SLF which had the lowest total bacterial count. The sensory properties of ice milk especially sample contained 5% SLF had the highest overall acceptability compared with other samples.