Chemical Characterizations of Carbonated Whey Beverages Fortified with Fruit Juice and Some Herbs Extract

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1 Moshtohor _ tukh _ qalibia Front of the faculty of agricultural

2 Dairy Sci. Dept., Moshtohor Faculty of Agric., Benha University, Egypt.


IN THIS STUDY, sweet whey was obtained from the manufacturing of Ras cheese. Lactose was hydrolyzed by lactase (β-D-galactosidase) at pH 6.6. Hydrolyzed whey beverages were produced by mixing sugar (10%), fruit juice or/and herbs extract to hydrolyzed whey. The whey beverages were carbonated by injecting CO2. The carbonated hydrolyzed whey beverages were evaluated for their amino acids, vitamin C, total antioxidant, total phenol compounds and minerals. Higher hydrolysis in whey sugar was obtained at pH 6.6 with β-D-galactosidase level of 0.4% after incubation for 300 min at 37°C (P<0.05). The content of leucine was the highest followed by lysine and threonine in all beverage treatments (P<0.05). Results indicated that carbonated whey beverages containing lemon (S4) had the highest ascorbic acid content, total antioxidant activity and total phenolic compounds content. The level of calcium was the biggest (P<0.05) in carbonated whey beverages. Generally, carbonated whey fortified with lemon juice, green tea extract and/or peppermint extract had high contents of major bioactive compounds compared with control samples (S1 and S2).