Evaluating The Quality of Rasogulla as Cheese Balls in Sugar Syrup Prepared by Different Milk Types

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Rasogulla as a cheese balls in sugar syrup was manufactured by using buffalo, cow and goat milk. The experiment was carried out with the aim to assess the quality of prepared Rasogulla. Chemical, microbiological and organoleptic properties of three types of Rasogulla samples were evaluated. Moisture, protein , fat , carbohydrate, total solids and ash contents of Rasogulla from buffalo milk recorded the highest values followed by Rasogulla prepared from goat and cow milk , respectively. Also, it can be observed that Rasogulla prepared from buffalo milk had significantly gained the highest yield than the other two types of milk. Microbiological analysis showed an absence of all pathogenic bacteria. On the other hand, organoleptic properties recorded that Rasogulla prepared from cow milk gained the highest scores , followed by goat Rasogulla and the lowest score was noted by buffalo Rasogulla.