Comparative Studies of Amino Acid, Fatty Acids and Proximal Chemical Composition Content of Donkey, Dog, Camel, Beef and Goat Liver

Document Type : Original Article


The objective of present study was to comparison the nutrition value of liver samples donkey, dog, camel, beef and goat by using standard methods. All the samples shown good content of amino acids, fatty acids, total protein content and moisture, data illustrated that the differences between all samples understudy were significant (p<0.05). The high level of protein (67.47% dw) and low level of crude fat (6.49% dw) were determined in donkey liver, while the highest level of fat (11.69%) were determined in goat liver (P < 0.05). Leucine was present in the highest percent among of essential amino acids followed by lysine. Camel liver has the highest value of myristic acid (3.11%) and palmitic acid (33.29%), beef liver has the highest value of margaric acids (3.26%) and stearic acid (42.93%). ɤ-Linolenic acid was absent only in dog’s and donkey’s livers.