Carotenoids, Phenolics, Antioxidant Activity and Sensory Attributes of Carrot Jam: Effect of Turmeric Addition

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ORANGE carrot is one of the important vegetables because of the substantial quantity of bioactive compounds. So, the consumption of carrot and its products, especially jam, is increasing steadily. The aim of this study is evaluating carotenoids, phenolics profile, antioxidant activity and color properties of raw orange carrot and carrot jam made with different addition levels of turmeric powder. The raw carrot roots contained 79.320.29± mg of total phenols as gallic acid equivalent/100g FW, 12.7110.24± mg of total carotenoids as ß-carotene equivalent/ 100g FW and 47.1670.21± µM Trolox equivalents / 100g FW. The turmeric addition in carrot jam up to 6g/ 1000 g raw carrot caused an increase in total carotenoids, total phenols and antioxidant properties in all jams compared to the control. Two major phenolic compounds in raw carrot are p-hydroxybenzoic acid (22.356 mg/ 100 g FW) and caffeic acid (18.371 mg/ 100 g FW), while ß-carotene, α-carotene, lutein and lycopene were 8.210.01±0.21 ,0.05±0.465 ,0.09±3.38 ,0.04± mg/100g FW, respectively. The addition of turmeric as an ingredient of jam formulation significantly improved carotenoids retention, phenolics retention and antioxidation activity. In addition, turmeric powder could be essentially incorporated with jam formulation up to 4 gm /1000 gm raw carrot to improve its quality attributes without causing any sensorial defect.