Properties and Shelf Life of Spicy Ricotta Cheese

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ANEW type of Ricotta cheese spiced using different types of spice pastes (onion, garlic or hot green pepper) and control Ricotta cheese (without spice additive) were prepared and stored up to 25 days at 5o C. The spice pastes were added at the rate of 1, 2 and 3% w/w. Physo-chemical, microbiological properties and sensory quality of Ricotta cheese samples were examined. Fortification of the Ricotta cheese curd with different spices caused a slight decrease in protein content in final product depending on the percentage of the added spices, whereas no significant differences in the acidity, yield and pH values were found among all treatment. Fortification of Ricotta cheese curd with different spicy pastes resulted in obvious differences in the texture profile parameters of the cheeses. Coliform and sporeforming bacteria were not detected in either fresh control or treatment cheese samples and during the refrigerated storage. Addition of spices during Ricotta cheese manufacture had significant effect on microbiological quality and improved the shelf life of the resultant products. Spices enhanced the flavour and total scores in resultant cheese. Generally, the titratable acidity%, dry matter, protein and ash contents gradually but slightly increased in control and all treatments during the storage period. The yield and sensory values of all the Ricotta cheese samples were decreased along cold storage period. It is recommended to add different spices in Ricotta cheese manufacture as new products and to improve its microbiological quality and shelf life.