Impact of Using Milk Clotting Enzyme From Seeds of Moringa Oleifera on Coagulation Properties of Curd Made From Camel’s Milk

Document Type : Original Article


HIS STUDY was conducted to assess the clotting properties of camel’s milk using Moringa seeds enzyme (MSE) as a rennet substitute. Camel’s milk total solids (CMTS) content was increased using buffalo’s milk. The results indicated that milk clotting time (MCT) and curd firmness (CF) improved greatly with the increase of (CMTS) and when (MSE) were used as a coagulant. The coagulum properties improved successfully by replacement of camel’s milk with buffalos’ milk and with the addition of (MSE). Therefore, it is possible to make good cheese from camel’s milk by replacing up to 40% buffalo’s milk with camel’s milk and using a milk-clotting enzyme from the seeds of Moringa oleifera at 1.5% level. Keywords: Camel’s milk, Moringa seeds enzyme, Clotting time, Properties of the coagulum.