Production of Healthy Yoghurt Fortified With Kaki Juice (Persimmon)

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Fortification of yoghurt with kaki juice was high in calories but very low. In fact, is a good source of fiber and contain health benefiting flavonoid Polyphenolic antioxidant compound. Yoghurt was made from milk supplemented with 5,10,15, and20% of kaki juice. The effect of the added on the composition titratable acidity, PH, acetaldehyde and diacetyl, volatile fatty acids, minerals, antioxidant capacity, total phenolic compound and sensory properties of the prepared flavoured yoghurt was studied. Data revealed that fat, total protein, ash content decreased, but the minerals, acetaldehyde and diacetyl of yoghurt increased with the increase of the percentage of added kaki juice. TVFA was increased by the end of the storage period, with increasing Kaki juice supplementation as T5 scored the highest value. While yoghurt sample 20 % of persimmon scored high sensory analysis values. The highest viscosity values were detected scored in the yogurt sample with 20% persimmon on the 12th day.