Wonderful Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Juice Wastes Extract as a Food preservative


This investigation was carried out to prepare lyophilized extract from the pomegranate juice extracting wastes, determine its content and type of polyphenols and its use as a natural an antioxidant in stabilizing sunflower oil oxidation, an antimicrobial against some pathogenic bacteria and a preservative to extend the shelf life of chilled chicken patties during cold storage. The results showed that, the yield of the lyophilisate was 24.91 ± 1.29% of the dried pomegranate juice processing wastes. The content of total polyphenols increased from 10.51 mg/g in crude extract of wastes to 852.43 mg/g after concentration then lowered to 783.2 mg/g due to grinding and packaging after lyophlization. Punicalagin A (120 mg/g), punicalagin B (16mg/g), gallic acid (2.11 mg/g) and ellagic acid (2 mg/g) were identified in the lyophilized extract.The highest inhibitory effect of lyophilisate was125 ppm for both S. aureus and K. pneumonia ,250 ppm for E. coli and 500 ppm for both S. senftenberg and B. subtilus.The control sample of sunflower oil exhibited the highest value of peroxide value, conjugated dienes (CD) and conjugated trienes (CT) inaddition to thiobarbituric acid (TBA) followed by those containing 200, 500, BHT (200 ppm) and 750 ppm of the lyophilized extract. Also addition of the lyophilizate at 1500 and 2000 ppm to chicken patties extended its shelf life to 24 days at 4 oC with slight changes in its pH value, microbial load, TBA and phenolic content.