Volume & Issue: Volume 49, Issue 2, 2021 
Influence of Carriers on the Functional Properties of Spray-Dried Flavors During Storage

Pages 231-238

Shimaa Moawad; Mamdouh El-Kalyoubi; Mohamed Khallaf; Magda A. Abd El Mageed; Hatem Ali; Amr Farouk

Production and Evaluation of Low-Calorie Pomegranate Juice with Sucralose

Pages 239-248

Ayman Dyab; Hammam Mohamed El-Tukhy; Galal Abdelftah Ghazal; Mahmoud Hassan Mahmoud; Rafik Mahmoud Abolila

Quality Characteristics Improvement of Low Phenylalanine Pasta

Pages 287-296

Sobhy Mohamed Mohsen; Attia Yaseen; Abdel Hafeez A Shouk; Abdalla Ammar; Ayman A Mohammad

Characterization of Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus undatus) Antioxidative Components to Explore Their Utility as a Natural Food Additive

Pages 297-304

Sarvesh Seth; Lubaina Kaba; Surbhi Ahirwar; Palak Jain; Mansi Pagare; Rounak Sinha; Leena Barde; Pragya Rathore

Effect of Some Post-Harvest Treatments on Quality Attributes of Sugar Beet during Storage under Toshka Region Conditions

Pages 305-318

Elsayed Ali Mahmoud; Abul elhamed Elsayed Mehanni; Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Sorour; Sakina Ramadan Abazid; Noha Fouad Gaber