Volume & Issue: Volume 50, Issue 2, 2022 
Effects of Frozen Storage on Quality Characteristics of Some fishery Products Processed from Bluefin Tuna and Common Carp

Pages 203-212

Gehan Ali Ghoneim; Faten Y. Youssef; Mohammed B. Ahmed; Basma S. Elkhamisy; Fify Ragheb Anees

Effect of Some Additions on Acrylamide Formation

Pages 229-239

Ayman Ezzat Mohamed; aziza ali salah eldin; Dalia M. A. Hassan

Chemical, Microbiological and Antioxidant Effects of Banana Peels on Butter Cake

Pages 241-250

Abdelmonam Abu El-Hassan; Mohamed Roby; Laila Ahmed Rabiee; Samah Ahmed Abd-Eltawab

A study on the use of carrot and probiotic bacteria in making functional cream cheese

Pages 299-311

Enas A. Baker; Heba Hassan Salama; Amany M. El-Deeb; Nahed A. Elwahsh