Volume & Issue: Volume 47, Issue 1, 2019 
Evaluation of Egyptian Chia ( Salvia hispanica L.) Seeds , Oil and Mucilage as Novel Food Ingredients

Pages 11-26

Osama Bakir Mohammed; Amal Mohamed Abd El-Razek; Mona Hassan Bekhet; Yehia Gamal El-Din Moharram

Microbiological Evaluation of Some Fast Food Sandwiches in Fayoum

Pages 27-38

Alaa El-din El-Fakhrany; Neimat Aly Hassan Elewa; Ashraf Ahmed Moawad; Nahla El-Saidi

Carcass Characteristics and Nutritional Composition of Some Edible Chicken By-products

Pages 81-90

Shenoda G. M. Henry; Soumia M. I. Darwish; Ahmed Saleh; Ahmed Khalifa